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Ripping my hair out on a new Pacemaker/cman/(OCFS2|GFS) config. I can't use the Pacemaker integration with OCFS2, since the Fedora team, in their wisdom, decided to remove the .pcmk.

Supposedly, I don't need to configure fencing in /etc/cluster/cluster.conf (the cman part, of course), and Pacemaker manages things fine if I have o2cb's cluster personality set to o2cb (rather than pcmk, which is unusable, or cman), but I lose fcntl() that way, whereas cman supports it.

o2cb/OCFS think they're running fine under cman, and the control daemons are brought up properly, but I'm unable to mount anything (which works fine with the volumes/o2cb tuned to o2cb as the cluster manager). OCFS2 volumes and GFS2 volumes (just to test them) both bomb out with something akin to:

dlm_join_lockspace no fence domain

STONITH is configured in Pacemaker, fenced is running (with no errors in the logfile there), and everything seems peachy. Except I can't get cluster filesystems to mount.

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Is cman running? Did you get this error from the corosync.log? How about the other log files: dlm_controld.log, gfs_controld.log, ... Which command did you use to mount? Post all the relate configuration files? – quanta Oct 21 '11 at 2:25
first of all, cluster software version and your cluster.conf and fence_tool dump – c4f4t0r Dec 17 '13 at 0:35

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