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I'm aware of the issues inherent in load balancing FTP, and throwing in SSL makes it doubly difficult.

Does anyone know of an existing product which does a good job of load balancing RFC4217 FTP/TLS? (also known as FTP/SSL and FTPS)

Note I am not asking about SFTP (SSH's file transfer protocol) -- that is easy to load-balance, but unfortunately not an option I can use.

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Would it be possible to set up a Linux system using LVS? I'm not certain if that will work with TLS but I know because it runs at the transport layer it would work for FTP.

Take a look at Wikimedia and how they are using it for proper SSL web traffic load balancing.

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It does look as if LVS's port persistence might do the job for FTPS. Anyone used it? – slim Oct 18 '11 at 13:22

You might find the mod_proxy module for ProFTPD useful for this; it supports forward and reverse proxying of FTP and FTPS, as well as load balancing (in multiple flavors).

Full disclosure: I'm the author of mod_proxy and proftpd.

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