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need backup MySQL 5.1 databse. Database is install on Windows Server 2003. I google it and I found many tools but I am little confuse what choose.

My requirments are:

  • Tool for backup must have a GUI
  • It would be good if support only backup, without shutdown database
  • It must run under windows
  • I would like only choose MySQL folder source and destination folder for backup, second setup time when start backup. For example once time at week.
  • option for restore data from backup

Do you have good suggestion for me?

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Backups of MySQL are normally done via the command line but if you really want a GUI interface you could use something like HeidiSQL, which allows you to export and import your data as eithe CSV or SQL files, which you can place wherever you like.

I do recommend that you learn to use the command line tools, such as mysqldump as that will allow you to automate these things, which is how backups should be run.

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