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I have a D-Link DES-3550 switch, Firmware: Build 5.00-B28. I want to change admin password, but somehow I am unable to do this:

               DES-3550 Fast Ethernet Switch Command Line Interface

                        Firmware: Build 5.00-B28
      Copyright(C) 2000-2004 D-Link Corporation. All rights reserved.

DES-3550:admin#show account
Command: show account

Current Accounts:
Username         Access Level
---------------  ------------
administrator    Admin

Total Entries : 1

DES-3550:admin#config account administrator
Command: config account administrator

The username does not exist. Enter the name of an existing user.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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In case anyone else have the same problem, the solution is to reset configuration back to system default.

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One would hope there was a better way, a config reset to change a password seems wrong. OTOH, I have used d-link equipment, I am not entirely surprised... – Zoredache Nov 14 '11 at 18:29

If you want to totally reset it, reboot it and after the system loading is at 100% press "shift" and "6". It will launch the recovery mode and you can reset the password or the whole configuration by tapping either "reset password" or "reset factory".

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