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I am trying to make utf8 codepage for my ircd server..


listen  *:9999
    codepage "UTF8";

I getting some errors:

unrealircd.conf Rehashing
Notice -- Loading IRCd configuration ..
Notice -- error: unrealircd.conf:177: Unknown directive 'listen::codepage'
Notice -- error: unrealircd.conf:182: Unknown class option 'cp_utf'
Notice -- error: 2 errors encountered
Notice -- error: IRCd configuration failed to pass testing

How can I set the utf8 ncoding on the server?

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The error message says your ircd doesn't understand those options. Searching around, it doesn't look like the standard unrealircd supports unicode. The only place they appear to show up is in some russian "lineircd server" version of unrealircd.

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