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I have Windows 7 host for 2 concurrently running Ubuntu 10.04 Linux virtual machines running in VMWare, bridged network (so all traffic would be going through a real router, not a virtual one).

I have completely turned off windows firewall for the following tests.

I'm using regular ftp on the windows cmd and vsftpd on the Ubuntu VMs. EDIT: Configured Samba on one of the VMs. Data transfer rate is just as slow with Samba as FTP.

The Virtual Machines are VMWare bridged, running inside the Windows 7 Machine.

It does not matter whether Windows 7 machine or virtual machines act as FTP host. Put/get doesn't matter. If file transfer is going in the direction from Windows 7 to Ubuntu VM, the file transfer rate is about 30-50 KB/s.

Transferring the other direction, from an Ubuntu VM to the Windows 7 host machine (again FTP host/client does not matter), transfer speeds are from 24-77 MB/s.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, transfers from VM to VM are fast, at between 32-77 MB/s, so the problem is not particularly with VM's receiving data.

Does anyone have any idea what could be slowing down transfer in the direction of the VM's?

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Keep your units clear. Your data transfer rates are around 30-50KB/s and your network meter is reading 300-500Kbps. (These are roughly the same range of rates since there are 8 bits in a byte.) –  David Schwartz Oct 9 '11 at 10:27
Thanks, I deleted that part (I guess I had never actually looked at the network meter too closely before). So now the only question that remains to be answered is, why is my ftp transfer rate so slow in 1 direction, and fine in the other? –  Buttle Butkus Oct 9 '11 at 11:03

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