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I've .com domain and a php webhosting. I can easily manage to setup nameserver in registrar and hosting and connected my domain to my host. But I cant understand what the dns hosting part do. I've googled but couldn't find a easy-to-understand guide.

As per my understanding, request->registrar->hostingNS->index.php

And if it was with dns hosting means, request->registrar->dnsHostingNS->hostingNS->index.php

Am I right? Anyone can give some detailed and easy description?

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I've googled but couldn't find a easy-to-understand guide

Domain Name System in Wikipedia have nice pictures for easy explanation

As per my understanding, request->registrar->hostingNS->index.php

Slightly wrong. Process of getting content from any resource, referenced by name, include 2 stage - DNS stage, were client stage when the client knows which IP it will need to connect - Connection stage, were requested work performed

registrar do nothing in this everyday's job - it's main task is only register (over "glue records") NSes of domain in Up-level DNS-zones

Fixed and simplified workflow will be something as

  • client request URL (name)
  • DNS-servers over hierarchical tree (up and down) will find DNS-servers, which have information about requested hostname (DNS-hoster from question) from URL and return IP (IPs) as response
  • To this IP client will send request for resource. Server (webserver in our case) process request and if requested resource is known to him and exist - return data to client

As you can see only one authoritative DNS (for zone) used, if web-hosting separated from DNS-hosting, NSes of webhoster will be untouched


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Well, one more info needed. How to I add my server's IP since it's not dedicated IP? A normal ping will reveal primary and secondary ns ip. Will it work effectively? – Jones Oct 13 '11 at 13:41
"server IP" is web-server or DNS-server? – Lazy Badger Oct 13 '11 at 13:48
I mean, I'm using shared server to host my files. So if I add the Name server of host, it just redirects default page of server, not to my host file. How can I do that, since there is no option to add name server in dns hosting but only IPV4 address? – Jones Oct 14 '11 at 18:09
Shared web hosting still have (some) IP for all hosted sites. You have to ask question about IP (or known name) to support and add to zone IN A or IN CNAME record (if I understood you correctly now) – Lazy Badger Oct 14 '11 at 18:24

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