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I need to execute a dataset processing task. It’s a simple php script to warm up memcached machines. The dataset contains the keys (around 24 million)

If I were to execute the warm up script from one machine it will take me nearly 3 days to complete. But if I were to “split” and run 6 differences process it will take me a day.

If I know the ip address of all the other machines in my network and has ssh access, is there a way to parallelize this task?

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Take a look at pssh, cluster ssh, ...

  1. setting up ssh public key authentication
  2. creating a list of your machine:

    ip1:port1 user1
    ip2:port2 user2
    ip3:port3 user3
  3. distributing your script to all the servers and parallelize:

    $ pssh -h <host_file> -P /path/to/php/script
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