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I'm taking care of some Rails-Deployments. For this I use several KVM virtual machines like this:

  • Apache Load-Balancer (mod_proxy) & HTTPS-Gateway

foreach rails-app {

  • Rails-Server (Apache/Phusion Passenger)
  • Fileserver (NFSv4)
  • Database-Server (PostgreSQL)


as well as:

  • Nagios Monitoring
  • Ossec Intrusion-Detection

All VMs are Debian squeeze, firewalled with iptables, fetching security-updates automatically, etc. etc. etc.

I want to get this as secure as possible .. and I wonder if there are similar virtual Network-Setups ready-to-use and possibly publicly reviewed somewhere?

If there really aren't I might setup a site with my setup if there is some interest in this?

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Im not sure if their approach is for maximum security, but you could have a look at the Bitnami website. They offer VMware images for various software stacks.

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