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i would like to get exactly what is descripted in but it doesn't work for me.

edit3 end;

os: debian squeeze shorwall:

3 computers a, b & c; shorewall is on computer b i would like to dnat port 8140 from b->c, so computer a can connect to b and will be dnated to c followed the faq 1g (thanks go out to omache) rules, interfaces, masq set according the faq

the direct connections work:

a->b   a->b->b(temp rule: DNAT:debug   net   tcp   8140   -   -)

regular shorwall rules on computer b:

DNAT:debug   net   tcp   8140   -
DNAT:debug   $FW   tcp   8140   -

so dnating should work. according the faqs i debugged the dnat. package count increases.

is the problem the "dropping the outbound SYN,ACK response." how to debug this? shouldn't then also the b->c and a->c direct connections be a problem or do they work without syn,ack

a->b->c    does not work
b->b->c    does work

log entry from the a->b->c connection

Oct 11 03:34:03 servername kernel: [3457359.671611] Shorewall:net_dnat:DNAT:IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=-SNIP- LEN=60 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=63 ID=49585 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=60499 DPT=8140 WINDOW=5840 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0


made more debugging tests, thanks go again to omache.

tcpdump 'ip host A or B or C and not (port ssh or http or smtp or pop3)' tcpdump 'ip host A or B or D and not (port ssh or smtp or pop3)'

A->B->C (dnat): shows incomming traffic but nothing goes out to C B->B->C (local dnat): works and traffic is shown going to C

it is not the syn, ack problem, i made a test with a forth host D and exchanged C with D, D is a server which is able to reply ACK and SYN

i double checked the faq info, this is the content of my affected files:


DNAT:debug   net     net:$HOST_IP_D:80 tcp  8140 -  $HOST_IP_B


net     eth0    detect   tcpflags,logmartians,nosmurfs,routeback


eth0:$HOST_IP_D   $HOST_IP_B  tcp          80
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the shorewall mailinglist helped (thanks go out to tom)


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