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I notice my main website has these bindings..

<binding protocol="net.tcp" bindingInformation="808:*" /> 
<binding protocol="net.pipe" bindingInformation="*" /> 
<binding protocol="net.msmq" bindingInformation="localhost" /> 
<binding protocol="msmq.formatname" bindingInformation="localhost" />

what are they used for? Can I remove them? How did they get there? I'm sure I've removed them once before... I'm guessing a windows update?

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They are used for Windows Communications Foundation (WCF). The preferred Web Services implementation/API for .NET.

Can I remove them?

Are you sure they are not in use? I don't think any infrastructure for Windows Server or common services relies on them (but don't quote me).

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Well .. I've not done any specific WCF programming .. .so I'm assuming they are not getting used. Just a simple FILE -> NEW -> ASP.NET MVC3 webiste (more or less)... – Pure.Krome Oct 11 '11 at 22:26

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