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I use windows 7 as host for touchscreen PC in public environment. I would like to prevent the OS being controled by a user. With a physical keyboard, you would remove the control and alt keys. But with the built-in on-screen keyboard?

does anybody know how to customize or completely remove the on-screen keyboard (osk) that appears in windows 7 when you touch the left border of a touchscreen ?

I've been trying for hours, including one hour with the help from a MS support tech guy, and we found ... nothing!

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You should be able to either set permissions on the osk.exe executable so the user is unable to run it or add a path rule to Software Restriction Policies forbidding the execution of osk.exe altogether.

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Thank you very much syneticon-dj. I'll try this tomorrow. Can you just tell me how to "add a path rule to Software Restriction Policies" ? I've never done that. How do you start to do that ? – oldbrazil Oct 11 '11 at 17:50

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