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I am using Rackspace Cloud, oddly they don't have any way to measure your resource utilization considering it is a cloud service so I must find the best way to measure this so I can see when I should add more resources. I liked slicehost and linode's graph's, does anyone know or can recommend the best tool for the job? I am using Ubuntu if that's an consolation.



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Full Automated Nagios will allow you to do this (easily); as will icinga and icinga-web.

You can monitor quite a lot for both Nagios and Munin, as both are very extensible.

Both Nagios and Munin use RRDtools to store performance data into RRDs.

Also, just found Cloudkick (and several more SaS solutions) which might be a better fit for you.

I've been using the Centreon frontend to Nagios for some time, and have no complaints. Good community and it's FOSS.

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anything built around RRDTool is right for the job. For a pure graphing solution, Cacti is a popular choice. – ItsGC Oct 11 '11 at 23:27

A popular choice for time-scaled resource graphs is Munin.

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For the quick setup and configuration, take a look at Ganglia.

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