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I have IIS 6 SMTP server running on 2003 box.

I am running a webserver (IIS) on the same system.

I want the SMTP server to deliver mail for my webserver.

I have it working fairly well - my only problem/confusion is getting a Reverse DNS record setup.

First, while this is all on the same machine, I believe it has been suggested that I use a separate IP address for the SMTP server. I am doing this and have set DNS to point to this IP. Good?

Now - I have to contact my ISP to have them make a Reverse DNS entry for my smtp server.

If the ip of is - what is the proper request to make of my ISP?

Which (if any!) of the following do I want:

  • --->
  • --->
  • --->

Actually - would it be

Anyway, this is the only mail server I plan to set up on this server - so send for one domain.

If I am way off - please correct!


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I wish I would have put this on ServerFault instead :( If I 'vote to delete' - will it actually delete? (If so, I would gladly post on ServerFault instead. If anyone has to power to remove it, go ahead...) – Bill Gillingham Oct 11 '11 at 0:17

the second one:

  • --->

if it was, you wouldn't need your ISP to do it

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