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Currently, I'm using the r8169 driver (Realtek 8169 gigabit ethernet). I tried both the chips on the mainboard and with an external network card. When I boot my PC, the machine comes up with speed = 1000 and speed is as expected.

When I resume after suspend to disk, the speed drops to 100. The driver doesn't support renegotiation or setting the speed with ethtool. Sometimes, I can fix the issue by rmmod r8169 the driver and loading it again. But lately, the chip doesn't come up completely, either the speed is 10 or "up" is false.

I'm sick of this issue. Can someone recommend a network driver (and a gigabit network card) that survives suspend/resume?

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The Intel e1000 in my laptop survives resume, but only ~20 times before thinking it's linked at 100/full (except plug in a 100mb switch and it's dead)

Anything that can handle PCI hotplug should be OK.

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I got an e1000 based card and this driver seems to be better. Thanks! – Aaron Digulla Jul 10 '09 at 13:40

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