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Recently I came across supervisor while researching beanstalk stuff. Can someone explain to me why I might use a process management service like that instead of plain old cron jobs?

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I would say that both services have quite different purposes: With cron you start typically short jobs at regular intervals while supervisor can be used to control the existence of typically long-running server processes and it's dependencies.

I.e. you could run a web server with supervisor, but would handle log rotation with logrotate from a cron job.

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That makes sense. Have you used beanstalk at all? Basically, it's a messaging queue you can monitor and process tasks with. Based off that, would you think that'd be best run with a cron job that just checks the queue every X minutes or as a process that is constantly checking it? Does it depend how often I need this queue to be executed? Is a corn job every second basically the same as having a process? – joshholat Oct 12 '11 at 13:33

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