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I've a Lucid 10.04 instance running on Linode which is hosting a simple rails3 app.

Now I'm getting several email complaining the CPU usage almost 100%.

But I'm not being able to figure out what is eating up the CPU.

So, is there any way out to figure out what program/component is consuming my server CPU?

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A visually-nicer alternative to top is htop, and it also has on-screen keys to sort by e.g. CPU use (default) and other columns. With htop, it is also easier to see the I/O load on your system.

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top >> O (o in capital) >> k >> Enter

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whats that? Is it command to enter on top utility? How to issue that command, its confusing. Can u simplify on how to use the above command and what it does show? – Millisami Oct 12 '11 at 17:51
run "top". while that's running, press "O" (capital O). it will sort processes in order of CPU consumption. Also, RTFM. Jesus. – MrTuttle Oct 12 '11 at 19:05

Second vote for HTOP. HTOP is a much better read. You can also pipe either top or htop to a text file if you wish as well.

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