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In the MIT Kerberos implementation that comes with most Linux distributions, I can define what encryption type I want to use for ticket requests. I am not a Windows guy, but apparently, Kerberos as a whole offers a lot of options here and Windows AD only offers a subset of these.

Does anyone know the enctypes a current Windows 2003 Enterprise domain controller would accept and provide? I don't seem to be able to find a definitive list of this.

Update: I have been able distill that Windows does not support 3DES. And even though MS TechNet says Unix clients generally do not support RC4, even my RHEL3 clients do so nicely.

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From technet : Logon and authentication

Encryption Algorithm Key Length

RC4-HMAC 128



This isn't specifically about the ticket requests, however I suppose these are the algorithms used for these too.

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Wazoox is correct. Default I believe is using MD5.

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I'm pretty sure my Linux clients get ArcFour tickets and not DES. I would drop AD for our authentication like a hot potato if it would feed me DES all the time ;-) – wzzrd Jun 26 '09 at 12:01

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