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I'm running a Windows 2008 VPS with 2GB RAM. I'm trying to install hMailServer on the VPS but when I get to the "choose installation directory" dialog I get error messages that keep popping up and make it so that I cannot continue.

As soon as the dialog opens I get these two errors:

"Access violation at address 73F53560. Read of addresss 00000014."
"Access violation at address 73EEBE21. Read of addresss 00000018."

Once I close these it frees up again but as soon as I click "Browse.." (to choose the directory) I get the following errors repeatedly that reopen if I close them.

"Access violation at address 73F0E371. Read of address 00000014."
"Access violation at address 73F4A006. Read of address 00000000."

I have no idea how to fix these. I can't run memory diagnostics, I assume because it's a VPS and not an actual server.

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I found a similar question on the hMailServer forums. Is that you? – Nic Nov 27 '11 at 0:43
Yes that was me, I forgot that I had posted this here. – James Hay Nov 27 '11 at 22:37
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Just to follow up on the error here:

Our service provider in the end changed us to a completely different VPS because they couldn't find the issue with hMailServer. Installed smooth on the new VPS so possibly a hardware fault.

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