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Does the "forever" daemon know if I updated my Node.js script?

Is it safe for me to change my Node.js script if the forever daemon is actively running in the background?

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Not a definite answer (I have no clue) but merely a hint, have you checked the watch-settings?

From the README on github:

// Options for restarting on watched files.
'watch': false              // Value indicating if we should watch files.
'watchIgnoreDotFiles': null // Dot files we should read to ignore ('.foreverignore', etc).
'watchIgnorePatterns': null // Ignore patterns to use when watching files.
'watchDirectory': null      // Top-level directory to watch from.

Edit: So, guessing from these options, it probably does "cache" the script, in the sense that it reads its source once - unless you tell it to watch the source.

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