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A few months ago we upgrade our DCs from 2008 to 2008 R2.

Two weeks ago I saw that I didn't copy the new admx/adml files to the central store.

Because I want to use the new policies, I copied all local files from one of the DC's %windir%\PolicyDefinitions to the central store.

Today I opened rsop.msc on one of the member servers and got a "parsing error":

Administrative Templates
Encountered an error while parsing.
Expected one of the Following possible element(s), < text >,
< decimalTextBox >, < textBox >, < checkBox >, < comboBox >,
< dropdownList >, < listBox >, but Found < multiTextBox > instead.
\\\sysvol\contoso. . . TerminalServer-Server.adml, line 198, column 60

Administrative Templates
Encountered an error while parsing.
Encountered an unknown error while parsing (error = 0x87400001): -2025848831 (0x87400001)
\\\sysvol\conto. . . \Terminalserver-Server.admx, line 9, column 41

After restore of the old admx/adml it worked without problems.
Any ideas, whats wrong with the new admx/adml Templates?

Update 16.01.2012
Could it be possible that the old "2008 SP2" Terminal Servers cannot work with the new (Remote Desktop Services) policies implemented with "2008 R2"?

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See as it explains the reason. Was the member server Windows Server 2008?

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thanks for the down vote. can I suggest a comment to go with it the next time explaining why? The link explains the cause is compatibility issues in the templates with Vista/2008. – maweeras Oct 23 '11 at 9:17
No, our DCs was running on 2008 R2 before we copied the new policy files to the central store. The Windows 7 SP1 Management Workstation has the new RSAT installed. – Psymon Jan 16 '12 at 9:40

I know this question is old but it helped me get to the correct solution. I solved this problem by ensuring i had the corresponding adml language file in the en-us folder. I would make sure you have the terminalserver.admx in your policydefinitions folder.

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