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I've been backing up my SVN repo and trac environment using a weekly cron job and 2 custom scripts. This has been going to Joyent Strongspace; but since they have discontinued the service, I need an alternative provider. I would prefer amazon S3 because I already use it, but any alternative that will work without too much (any) changes to my process will be welcome.

Here are my 2 scripts:

rsync -rltpvz --delete /svn/ kryptonite\

rsync -rltpvz --delete /var/lib/trac/ kryptonite\
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Really, no one knows? How do other people backup their SCM server? – Kryptonite Oct 17 '11 at 13:11

S3 doesn't support rsync out of the box. However, you can use FUSE and s3fs to create a file system over S3 and then rsync there.

From there, you can follow this guide on setting up the whole thing.

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