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I have a server running the non developer version of Apache. This is a production environment. I cannot afford to take the server offline longer than a couple minutes and hopefully only seconds. I don't want to lose the current apache installation settings and configuration.

I have an apache module, lets call it module.c, that I would like to install. I need apxs to install the module. I am afraid that running "yum install httpd-devel" will destroy the current site setup.

Is there a way to do this without apxs?
Will installing http-devel leave the current apache settings/configuration intact?

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The correct answer: Don't do that! Do not use a live production box as a testbed. Spin up a VM and test there; or build another machine; or use your own machine to test on.

You could install http-devel to an alternate directory, preferably a jail, then run and test the software from there. It would be easiest in this case to run httpd on an alternate port.

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