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Is there any way to forward requests from Tomcat to an Apache httpd server?

I know you can do it the other way around with mod_proxy_ajp, but here's what I'd like to accomplish:

We have a Java site running under Tomcat and Apache httpd is not installed. I'd like to set it up so that everything stays the same but that requests to /folder1 are forwarded to Apache and the rest of the requests stay within Tomcat.

From what I've read, the only way I could do this is change my server configuration so that Apache runs on port 80 and fowards everything to Tomcat except /folder1. But I'd like to set it up so Tomcat runs on port 80 and just sends the /folder1 requests to httpd... a lot less to change this way


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I don't believe so. I think you'd need to set up port 80 on apache and reverse proxy everything but /folder1 to tomcat.

If /folder1 is a series of static files and you are using tomcat 7, you might be able to get by aliasing /folder1 so that tomcat still serves up those files. See the Standard Implementation section of the Tomcat 7 Configuration Reference for more info.

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