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I am running a java application with mysql as back-end and i am using fedora operating system, now is there any way to run that application alone when that system boots up and also i want to disable all other unwanted services which is not required for the application to run. How do i achieve this ? Any tips and help would be useful

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In SysV-like distributions (like fedora), services are started at boot and stopped at shutdown by the init.d system.

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To set mysql service start with the system boot process, execute chkconfig mysqld on as root. You can refer the document below for more assistance:

To start the application on system startup, you can configure the script file as mentioned in the link below:

To find the running services and to manage them on start up, you can refer the link below:

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thank you .......... – peedee Oct 13 '11 at 8:55

To integrate Java apps into Linux's init.d system you may find useful.

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