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Can some one help me shed some light on this please?

I have a MSA30 hooked up to a HP Proliant DL380 G4 running SuSE SLES Linux. My question is how do I configure the hard drives connected to be in a JBOD setup. Would this be with hpacucli or though some other software. I've tried using hpacucli but it does not detect the msa which I know is a work as I can seen it been detected during system boot. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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You're missing a bit of information here. How is the MSA30 enclosure connected to the server? What type of controller are you connected to?

If you've connected it to a Smart Array controller (like the SmartArray 6400, 642, 5300, etc.), the disks in the array can be configured via the hpacucli utility or the RAID controller's BIOS utility. Otherwise, if connected to a standard SCSI HBA, the MSA30 is a dumb disk shelf. The drives would show up as individual SCSI disks in your Linux OS (cat /proc/scsi/scsi or look through dmesg or try fdisk -l).

The ProLiant DL380 G4 has an external SCSI port that may or may not be connected to the onboard SCSI controller. Are you connecting the MSA30 to a motherboard port or to a PCI card?

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