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I've had a failed install of SQL 2008 on a windows server 2008 box and now when I try and uninstall the uninstall fails and asks me if I'd like to remove it from the list.

If I do a repair I get so many errors and I think I know where it went wrong now, but I can't fully uninstall it properly to try!

The first problem was I hadn't turned off UAC and I was trying to install as Domain Admin.

I then went to the box as a the local admin and it failed because we have a domain policy here that has a list of specific users that have rights to the "Manage auditing and security log " so that failed also, and this when it got into a right mess.

Is there any known method on how to fully remove SQL 2008? THis really is turning out to be the install from hell!

Any help greatly appreciated

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Turning off UAC isn't required to install SQL, and being a domain admin is fine. I installed all my machines with UAC enabled, and as a domain admin without issue.

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