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I am trying to use the windows version of dd to copy a RHEL iso to a USB stick. However, I wanted to zero out the drive first to ensure there is no filesystem on it before writing it out. Is there an equivalent of /dev/zero in windows that I can use as the infile?

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John Newbigin's dd supports this.

Virtual devices are a new feature in version 0.4beta1.

Because windows does not have devices like the unix /dev/zero or /dev/random these have been implemented inside dd. You can use these as input files to supply an infinite amount of zeros or pseudo random data.

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Worked like a charm, it's zeroing out now! Thank you for the heads up!!! –  Matthew Oct 14 '11 at 14:04

There are also some actual device drivers for /dev/zero as well as /dev/random under Win32.

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