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I have a server with NFS, LDAP, and Autofs configured for export the /home, but every time i try mount nfs in my client desktop, the receive this error in Server: Cannot export /home, possibly unsupported filesystem or fsid= required. I am using the command mount -t nfs server:/home for testing the export of /home directory.

My config files Server

/home auto.home
* -fstype=nfs,rw server:/home/&
# /etc/exports
/home *(rw,fsid=0)

Someone can please help me ?

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The automounter will take control of the mount points specifyied in any of the automounter maps, in this case /home. You will be unable to manually mount anything under /home unless you disable the automounter (autofs) process.

However, I'd suggest that you perform your test using /mnt over using /home. This will not interfere with the automounter.

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