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i have just installed apache,php5,mysql and phpmyadmin in order, on a box with Freebsd-8.2. If I'm right, if i access the phpmyadmin on http://domain.com/phpmyadmin, it should show the phpMyAdmin graphical user interface in order to input and generate config file. But all i'm getting when i access the phpmyadmin from the browser is the raw script and html markups source code, No GUI. I have tried to reinstall it 3 times already, I don't where am i going wrong or what did i miss. Help and Thanks in advance.

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Have you configured Apache for PHP ? My guess is that it returns php code from the GUI as "plain/text" whihc is default Apache way of handling files it cannot parse.

You'll need to add this to your server configuration: "AddType application/x-httpd-php .php"

You can also test what the php configuration is if you create a simple php file test.php with content : "" It would help you to determine the problem quite quickly.

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