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What are the risks and precaution steps when installing git server on debian VPS (openvz + direct admin) ? How to install git server properly in such environment ?

I would like to use git server (such as to manage source code version control centrally.

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Rather than apt-get what you need and getting possibly incompatible versions of libs in your /usr/local tree, I would recommend recompiling everything you need for git in a dedicated directory: – VonC Oct 16 '11 at 9:11
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GIT alone is usually not sufficient to handle a bunch of repository with different ACLs. Take a look at third-party solutions like Gitosis or Gitolite.

On our development server we use Debian Squeeze with gitosis+redmine (apt-get install gitosis redmine).

You can also use a more comprehensive solution like Gitorius, but isn't so easy to install.

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