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I would ask if there is some linux tool that can track load of each application process and save it to the log file. When something in linux system "eat" CPU to 100% and I want see what happend and which application was consuming too much CPU. Is that possible see those information after system reboot? I read something about atop,sar, and so on application. Have somebody real practise with that applications? Can someone post the log file how it looks like - I would like to see what is real output. Thanks for any advice.

Best regards, TheTechnic

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dstat http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/dstat/ is exactly what you want.

Invoking dstat like this dstat -vM topcpu 5 will print out (every 5 seconds) some basical system stats (-v) + the process currently using the most CPU (-M topcpu).

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