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I edit /etc/hosts file to add domains. I add new virtual host for new domain. So I can easily develop.

What I want now is to have apache conf to

  1. if there is a virtualhost domain definition follow
  2. if not, look for /var/www directory, if there is dir follow
  3. if there is not, redirect to /var/www/nerkn

Can apache conf make it?

1)Example domain example.com

  1. there is no example.com in virtualhost
  2. there is a directory named /var/www/example.com so server there

2)Exampple domain ex2.com

  1. there is no ex2.com in virtualhost
  2. there is no directory named /var/www/ex2.com
  3. serve from /var/www/nerkn
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Mod_vhost_alias, where nerkn defined as default virthost

VirtualDocumentRoot d:/Sites/%0/web
VirtualScriptAlias d:/Sites/%0/cgi-bin

define base location of bare minimum (my config)

while adding <VirtualHost dcweb.e-city.net.ru:80> allow redegine-add vhost-specific details

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it only solves 2nd bu its ok. Thank you –  nerkn Oct 18 '11 at 13:33
it work most times for me in 1st mode - I just copy skeleton to the new site-location and have site ready without restart of apache –  Lazy Badger Oct 18 '11 at 13:46
wonderful ln -s nerkn new-site –  nerkn Oct 21 '11 at 7:55

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