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I'm being asked to produce an inventory of applications on a Win2k/IIS5 server.

Is there a way to back up the metabase into a human-readable format? (xml is close enough). I read, but in one of the links it talks about the metabase.bin file, which doesn't sound like it's going to be human-readable.

Can anyone point me at a how-to or recommend tools? This is a one-time-only thing, so we don't really want to buy anything.


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You're going to need the old MetaEdit utility (see to do what you're trying to do. IIS 5 (and 4) used a binary format for the metabase, and there wasn't any notion of "portability" like there is with the IIS 6 metabase. I'd be careful about importing anything you export-- there's no guarantee with IIS 5 that server-specific information won't be in an export (and thus not be importable onto another server computer).

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Thanks - we're not trying to move it to another machine, just need to know what's there, and I don't have direct access to the machine. – chris Jun 26 '09 at 17:41

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