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I'm looking for a way to view the properties (title, author, company, etc.) of Office documents from the command line, hopefully both the standard and custom ones. Does such a utility exist?

(My intention is to write a script which lists the files in a directory hierarchy and displays information about them, including the properties. All the other info I'm interested in is easy enough, I just can't see a way to get the properties.)

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DSOFILE.dll may hold the answer if you're using Windows. There is a discussions about it here

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Thanks, JS. That .dll and the code snippets gave me a shove in the right direction and I managed to get what I needed. Turned out be more work than I had expected when I started this but what I've got will do. – user10807 Jun 29 '09 at 18:25
Glad to help, any chance of marking my answer 'up' :) – JS. Jun 29 '09 at 18:33

You don't say what your system is running. If you can run the GNU/Linux wv library and its applications then does wvSummary give some of the info you want?

The first few lines returned from wvSummary on a local .doc file were:

Metadata for Men.doc:
    Template = "Normal"
    Security Level = 0
    Created = 2009-02-28T17:37:00Z
    Last Saved by = "Administrator"
    Revision = "1"
    Number of Characters = 529
    Keywords = ""
    Subject = ""
    Generator = "Microsoft Office Word"
    Last Modified = 2009-02-28T17:47:00Z
    Creator = "Administrator"
    Number of Pages = 1
    msole:codepage = 1252
    Number of Words = 92
    Description = ""
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