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I have a Cisco 3750 configured baiscally as a hub. All ports are configured as access ports on the same vlan 10. VLAN interface 10 was given an IP Address of, in order to connect to the switch. I can ping the device from a directly connected router, but unable to ping the device from a different subnet This switch is used to connect to other devices in the site on the same 10.10.10 subnet, and I am able to ping those devices through the switch, but not the switches vlan interface. Can anyone tell me what im missing?

I have dealt with this issue before, so I feel really stupid asking this question, and feel like I will kick myself once someone answers, but I just cannot think of whats causing the issue.

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You'll need for the switch's traffic to route properly, which probably just means setting the default gateway. Assuming that's the correct router to use to get between the subnets:

ip default-gateway
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Doh... I knew I would kick myself. I assumed default static route all 0's to would be good enough. Guess I needed that ip default-gateway command. Thanks – n0sw1tchp0rt Oct 20 '11 at 16:51

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