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I need to create for internal use a server that will provide browser screenshots of different Browsers on different OS. A similar service is offered by http://browsershots.org and http://crossbrowsertesting.com

My raw idea is:

  • setup a ESXi/Xenserver

  • create VM with test Browsers and different OS (many Windows because 1 IE per Win install and per Win version, Ubuntu, Mac OSX, Ubuntu) in total around 30 VM needed

  • VM with a Queue server (Beanstalkd) and a simple Web Gui where we can input the URL

All this 30 VM query the queue server to see if there a job is waiting, if yes execute a shell script that capture the URL for the requested browser.

I found IEcapt that is able to do it for IE from the CLI, exist there similar or better alternatives?

Is 1 Server able to host 30 VM for my needs, what hardware spec i must use and whats Virtualisation server?

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Do you really need 30 VMs? I agree you would need one for every version of IE that you care about, but most other browsers can have lots of separate versions installed on a single system. –  Zoredache Oct 20 '11 at 21:43
Probably yes if there is difference between different Windows versions and IE, means Windows XP/Vista/7 x IE5.5/IE6/IE7/IE8/IE9/IE10 = 18 + 4x Mac OSX + 2x Ubuntu -> around 26. –  Nenad Oct 20 '11 at 23:39
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