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The man qmail-local page states that the Delivered-To header is always added to the email.

For some reason, however, many of my emails are missing it. Namely, those that are sent to users created in "users/assign" using the wildcard notation.

Is this a bug, or are these delivered bypassing qmail-local? How else can I tell which of the wildcard addresses the email was actually delivered to?

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Fixed! The trick is to duplicate the .qmail file as .qmaildefault (or symlink, though I haven't tested if this works).

Longer version: the rule in users/assign is set up as follows:


man qmail-users describes the last two parts as "dash" and "pre" without really explaining what they do (or assuming that you pretty much know the ins and outs of qmail). Neither does life with qmail, but it gives a useful hint about how the .qmail file name is constructed.

Since the "dash" part of the rule is blank, the .qmail and default parts are concatenated without any separators.

I still have no idea why it doesn't fall back onto the .qmail name -

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