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OK, a bit of an odd one this.

I have set up a new domain on a Server 2008 R2 SP1 server and redirected user's Documents and Pictures folders to a file server.

In the GPO settings I have chosen basic - to send all user's folders to the same place.

The location is \fileserver\Data\Users

When I go to look in this location for any particular user, instead of seeing


I get

\fileserver\Data\Users\username\My Documents

The same applies to the Pictures folder.

Why in a purely 2008 R2/Windows 7 domain am I seeing the "My" prefix? Even under the GPO settings, where it gives you an example path it gives it as


and if I right-click on the "My Documents" folder in question, it even says it is being redirected to \fileserver....\username\Documents.

I don't understand why the folder name is "wrong" when nothing seems to suggest it should be pointing to My Documents. It is purely a cosmetic issue, but it is annoying as I don't know what has gone wrong. My home SBS2008 domain correctly redirects to \server\Users\username\Documents. Why doesn't 2008 R2?

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