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I am working with an InFocus in3106 projector installed on the ceiling of a conference room. I recently received a complaint that it was failing to power on. I looked into it and discovered the fan was running as though the projector was in a cooldown mode after being shutdown. Normally, I would expect this but it seemed to be unusual to the user who has much more experience with this particular projector than I do.

I looked into the sales documentation for this model and discovered a feature called "LiteSwitch" that boasts start up and shut down times of "seconds". I can't seem to find any technical documentation on this feature, whether it can be disabled or not, and browsing through the menu turned up nothing.

While I certainly think it could just be coincidence that the user never needed to power up the projector less than a few minutes after powering it down, this LiteSwitch feature keeps me from writing it off. Does anyone have experience with this model? Is a two minute cooldown time normal for this device?

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In general, A two minute cool down is very common. When you try and start it with the remote the LED should flash indicating it got the command but is not accepting it right now.

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