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I am wanting to install some security and surveillence in the room my ubuntu server occupies. I have already sorted out the security but was thinking about installing a camera of some sort. I don't really want to fork out the money to buy an IP camera, but I have a USB camera lying around that I have no other use for.

Is it possible, if I have a web address pointed to my server ( for me to access a live stream of my USB camera, connected to my UBUNTU Server (11.04), straight through a port or on a webpage hosted in APACHE?

Cheers Mike

EDIT: The USB Camera is a Logitech Quickcam Go (v-uap41)

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This is possible in numerous ways.

  • webcamd is a daemon that can save an image from the camera continuously. Just make any kind of webpage that repeatedly loads the image and you'll get a "stream".

  • vcl can be set up to provide a real video stream encoded in the formats you'd like - and then again embedded on the website - or just as a normal video stream that you read with vcl somewhere else. It also supports multicast.

  • ZoneMinder is a set of services that not only will provide you with a stream - but can detect movement and create alarms as well.

  • And many more (if someone consider this list incomplete, I encourage them to add to it).

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