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I was asked this challenging question, which was quite tricky.

It goes like this.

Say there is a clustered environment of 40 web servers and the website is unfortunately down. You are in a remote state. But you find that even the gateway is down. How will you solve this issue ?

Here, the main thing is even the gateway is down and the servers are too far from my location. Option 1 is to ask someone to check gateway. But if that option is not available, is there any way out ? I don't think so at all.

Also, to prevent such from future, what can I do in better architecture ?

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Put two gateways on different servers, have some lights-out functionality on the two servers. If gate 1 is down, connect to gate 2 (which is for this use only, nothing else), connect to ILO/IPMI on gate 1 and get it going again.

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Have some alert system sending warnings (e-mails?) if gate 2 is down. Connect gate 1, repair gate 2. Again, ILO/IPMI if no ssh. –  korkman Oct 23 '11 at 12:19
And, considering IPMIs tend to crash themselves, check their availability with that alert system, too. –  korkman Oct 23 '11 at 12:20

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