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I'm having a problem with a openvz vps which came with Ubuntu Natty (11.04) and I recently upgraded to Oneiric (11.10). After a reboot I found the init process stuck at ~99% cpu and the loadavg floating around 1.0. I've read about past issues with upstart on openvz but it looks like they should have been solved by now.

I upgraded by switching the repos and running sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Did I do anything wrong? Any ideas how to solve this? If you need more info I'll provide them.

Thanks everyone.

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Based on this fix:

Below steps fixed my problem in Ubuntu 11.10 today.

Add this PPA to your system:

add-apt-repository ppa:jammy/upstart.fix-880049

Update your system: apt-get update apt-get upgrade

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init needs access to /dev/console, which does not exist by default within the vm.

You might be able to fix it by executing vzctl set 105 --devices c:5:1:rw --save outside the vm - for linux-vserver a simple mknod /var/lib/vservers/servername/dev/console c 5 1 is sufficient.

Credits for the openvz command, and background info:

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