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Where do I find information about how a specific package in centos is build. Ie. what flags has been used on ./configure etc.

At the moment I'm trying to figure out how slapd (openldap-servers) are build. Did they use "--enable-modules" when the package was configured. I guess not, but it would be interesting to get it verified.

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yumdownloader --source openldap-servers
rpm -Uvh openldap-servers*
less rpmbuild/SPECS/openldap.spec

According to that --enable-modules was specified, by the way. :-)

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Thanks man. But weird with the enable-modules thing. I have to look somewhere else to find a solution to my problem =) – Arlukin Oct 24 '11 at 12:23
Just create another question, I will do my best with that one, too. ;) – Janne Pikkarainen Oct 24 '11 at 12:54

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