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I would like to force Windows 7 to always load the temporary profile when a user logs off and back on. Is there a reliable way to force this to happen each time?

Background: if you are familiar with Windows Steady State for Windows XP, I am trying to replicate the "lock the desktop" feature, which clears the the desktop, my docs, etc, and most user history at a logoff. Then, when a new user logs on, that user is presented with a like-new computer. This is different than what Windows Disk Protection (and 3rd party products such as DeepFreeze) does, as it does not require a restart, only a logoff/logon, and only erases certain changes that a user has made (a restart would be performed at night, wiping the machine and restoring it to a like-new state).

Again, the idea is to let each user work in a new, unpolluted space, and then have that space cleaned at each logoff/logon to preserve privacy and to give the next user the same clean desktop, etc to work with. Windows Steady State is not available for Windows 7 and I have yet to find an acceptable alternative\solution for "locking the desktop." This temporary profile seems like it could be the answer, but I have only seen it referenced in posts where it was an unwanted annoyance.

Thanks in advance, and if I need to be more clear, I will be.

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The temporary user profile is loaded whenever the user's own profile cannot be loaded - i.e. due to permission problems or disk space issues.

However, there is no need to abuse the temporary user profile to get a locked-down user configuration. Making a user's profile mandatory would prevent any changes to be saved as well, but still allow the administrator for profile customization.

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Thank you very much for your response. Correct me if I am wrong please, but isnt active directory required in order to use mandatory profiles? These machines would NOT be on a domain, so I dont think that will work. – cop1152 Oct 27 '11 at 13:50
To be frank I never tried mandatory user profiles without a domain logon, but this blog article suggests that it would be working. – the-wabbit Nov 18 '11 at 9:11

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