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I'm looking for a best solution to make migration for domain (let's call it that is addon domain to an account hosted with Cpanel. Situation is this - user has one hosting account on WHM/Cpanel server that is created and bound with domain as a main domain. After few years, he adds new domain - as addon domain to that account. On the next year, he does not pay for and continue to use in his account.

What is the elegant and hassle free way to make migration of to a new cpanel server ? Is there is an easy way to swap the domains and to become main domain for this account ?

I'm waiting for your solutions. Nikolay Kabaivanov

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There is a process described in the cPanel forums for extracting an addon domain to it's own account:

Unfortunately it doesn't look like an automated process. There has been requests to create a script but as yet there is no planned schedule for completion:

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As Cpanel admins says "This is not planned to be part of 11.32 (whose feature set has essentially been frozen in preparation for release), 11.34 nor 11.36. This puts the anticipated ETA beyond the end of calendar year 2011." – ntk Oct 27 '11 at 8:50

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