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To access our file server here, I need to connect first to a server which is public available and then open a second ssh connection to that server. If I need to copy files, I first need to copy them from the file server to the public available server. Then I can use a tool like Cyberduck (MAC) or WinSCP on (WINDOWS) to confortable browse and download the files. Is there a tool available where I can configure to connect directly to the target server?

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You can first create an ssh tunnel with Putty or one of its utilities, Plink. With Plink you can do

plink.exe -L 2200:yoursecondserver:22 you@yourpublicserver

With Mac you probably can just replace plink.exe with command ssh.

After that you can connect your Cyberduck or WinSCP to localhost:2200 and access your second server over an ssh tunnel.

To make this easier, you can write a script. For example in Mac, something like

ssh -L 2200:yoursecondserver:22 you@yourpublicserver
/path/to/cyberduck &

should do it. :)

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