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I am new to linux, so this may be a very simple question.

I have created a modified ami using the ubuntu 11.10 as a starting point. All of the tutorials I have found say that to save an instance you must be the root user, but I have only been able to log in as user Ubuntu. How do I log-in as the root user, or gain root authority, on Ubunty 11.10 so I can bundle and save my modified image?

Thanks in advance!

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sudo -su

type user password

then you are logged as root user.

If you want to enable root user in ubuntu you have to set the root password with :

sudo -su

type password


type 2 times the password that you want to assign to the root user.

logout and login again with root user and chosen password ...

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thanks aleroot, sudo -su root and i'm good to go! – Chris Crosley Oct 26 '11 at 16:56

You need to set a root password:

sudo passwd

Also examine the /etc/passwd entry to see if root has a valid shell:

grep root: /etc/passwd

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