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I am running a Samba server on a Debian box. It works fine; Windows can read and write to it just fine, but there's one issue.

The folder I'm sharing over Samba (/var/samba) is stored on my main drive, which is an old 40GB IDE drive. Inside that folder are symlinks to other folders on my system, 2 of which are actually on my 1TB SATA drive.

In Windows, I have the Samba share mapped to a drive letter, and it says there is only 9GB remaining (which is how much space is left on the server's root drive (40GB drive)).

Can I tell Samba to report that a different amount of free space is remaining? I was trying to make a Windows backup into one of the folders that's symlinked to the 1TB drive (yes, there's enough space remaining on that drive), but Windows won't let me because it thinks there's not enough free space left.

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I don't really there is much you can do aside from faking it.

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Faking it is pretty much what I was wondering if I could do. I just need Windows to think it has enough free space to make a backup. – Rocket Hazmat Oct 26 '11 at 18:51

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