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I want to pass a shell variable called $test to windows from linux via winexe.

For example:

winexe -W WORKGROUP -U user%password // 'cmd.exe /C move D:\restore_db\$test D:\Restore\'

Is there any way to do achieve this?

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I've never used winexe before, but I don't see why you can't do shell variable substitution in the command line for winexe on the *nix side. I think you just need to tweak the shell variable substitution to do what you want and you're set. Double-quotes around your Windows command line containing the $ variable substitution ought to do the trick.

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Since winexe is invoked on Linux, all the usual expansion rules apply. In your example, $test will not be expanded because you've enclosed it in single quotes. The literal text $test will be passed to cmd.exe. If you change the single quotes to double quotes, then $test will be expanded prior to it being passed to cmd.exe.

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